Babylon 5 - The Movie Collection - Import Zone 2 UK (anglais uniquement) [Import anglais]

Three standalone. full-length feature films from the award-winning science fiction series. In 'Third Space'. an Earth scientist (Shari Belafonte) arrives to study an ancient relic that has been salvaged from hyperspace and brought aboard the space station. The relic soon affects the crew members. who begin to experience disturbing dreams containing images of vast ships and towers. The dreams increase in intensity. and more questions arise regarding the relic's true origins. Could it really be a life-threatening space trap In 'River of Souls'. the Babylon 5. now under the command of Captain Elizabeth Lochley (Tracy Scoggins). is placed under threat once again when archaeologist Robert Bryson (Ian McShane) arrives with an ancient artefact. The object. which Bryson shows to Mr Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle). contains billions of souls from a long-lost civilisation. However. the Soul Hunters are hot on Bryson's trail. and when the souls are released into the station's holo-brothel they attempt to exact revenge on those responsible for their imprisonment. In 'A Call to Arms'. it seems that Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) has finally succeeded in forging peace throughout the galaxy when allies of the Shadows threaten a suicidal attack on Earth. The alliance respond by deploying untested defence ships the Victory and Excalibur. but will these be enough to save the Earth


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